Everything you need to take your art from the canvas to your customer

"You're ready to get financial freedom from selling your art. These 3 services have everything you need no matter what stage of your art career you're at"

I know where you’re at. You’ve created some beautiful pieces of art that you’re so proud of and you know people are going to love and now it’s time to print…… and you’re lost. There’s too much to think about.

What kind of paper? What sizes should the prints be? How should you package them?

You may even have got to the point of where you’ve decided on those things but now you have to find a printer who’ll be able to do the job. You do a quick google search and there’s hundreds of printers to pick from! 😞

It’s stressful, it’s confusing, it’s not what you need when you just want to concentrate on making art.

Trust me, I know, because I was in exactly the same place as you a couple of years ago. I’d created a range of calligraphy prints that I was sure my customers would adore. I’d worked on a sales funnel that I knew I’d have success with, and my offer was complete.

But I didn’t have a lot of experience with the technicalities of printing. I did a bit of research myself to try and future it out, and all the articles and forums gave conflicting information and just left me more confused.

But I got lucky, I had an artist friend in the same studio as me and he’d been in the game for a while. He gave me some great lessons in papers and printers and I decided on some beautiful Hahnemühle paper stock for my first offer. I found a local printer to print them and everything was set. I got the prints, bought some envelopes to send them out, and launched my offer! And the sales started rolling in!!

I started packing orders and posting them out, but I had a problem…. I wasn’t making any money! 😭 I realised that the prints were just too damn expensive. These prints just weren’t suited to a promotional offer like this. They were eating all my profits and I was basically sending out prints for nothing. My art was good. My offer was good. But I still hadn’t cracked the code for fulfillment.

And to make matters worse, the envelopes I’d chosen weren’t up to the task. I started getting emails from customers saying their prints had arrived and they looked amazing, but the’d got bent or twisted in the post!

I was honestly ready to give up. But I was so close and I knew I’d be able to figure this out if I just tried a little harder. So I experimented. I went through loads of different printers, tested different papers, figured out what would be the perfect mix of affordability and quality. I went through half a dozen printers trying to find one that would be just right.

And after a lot of trial and error, I found my goldilocks supplier. I found the printer who would do things JUST RIGHT.

And my offer was transformed. I was profitable, the prints were selling like hotcakes, and they arrived safe and sound to my happy customers. And happy they were, people were thrilled with the quality.

It did so well in fact, that I decided to expand. With everything I’d learned in the UK, I was able to find printers in the USA and Australia that offered the same great mix of affordability and quality that my customers adored. So I was now a global artist and able to run promotional offers in 3 countries.

And I want to give that to you too. I’m making my network of printers available to you for the first time ever so that you can have the success that I’ve had. And there’s 3 ways you can use them.

Self Fulfilment

Literally everything you need to sell your own prints in your NB offer. You send your artwork to me, I get my printer in the UK to create beautiful prints for you, box them up along with the perfect packaging to keep your prints safe on their way to your customers, and post all the materials out to you. All you need then is some stamps and you’ll be ready to post!

Click below to see the details of the self fulfilment packages available.

Global Offer Fulfilment

It’s time to expand. Get a local printer send orders on your behalf so you can concentrate on making art, or take your NB offer worldwide. And the best way to do that is to have your art printed and posted where your customers are.

It’s easy. You pick the country you’d like to expand your offer into, and my printer will print, pack and post all the orders for you. They’ll be local to your customers so postage will be MUCH quicker than delivering them from your home country, and my expert team will take care of it all.

Print on Demand

The ultimate service to sell your art globally. We’ve teamed up with a print on demand partner that can sell giclée prints of your artwork, framed or unframed, all across the world. And the best part? You don’t even need shop functionality on your site. A store can be created for you for free and will be set on any website you have. WordPress? Wix? Squarespace? Shopify? You can have a shop setup with all your products available for sale worldwide within minutes.

You can get 50% off membership to this service, this discount is EXCLUSIVE to ArtLaunch customers, and I’m providing it to you at absolutely no charge. The discount codes will be available in the week beginning 27th June 2022, so click below to register your interest and you’ll be sent your unique code when they’re available.

Any other questions

I’m always happy to chat and want to help get your art out into the world. Just email ben@artlaunch.net