My local printer will provide you with everything you need to start sending out your own NB Offer orders

In my years of running offers these offers I’ve found the perfect combination of paper stocks and packaging materials to ensure I provide a quality product to my customers that’s affordable enough to remain profitable while I bring thousands of new customers into my email list per month. I’d like you to be able to take advantage of that too.

Here's what's included:

Art Prints

Art prints in two different sizes, on luxurious paper stocks which your customers will love.

Packaging Materials

Everything you need to just pack your prints up and be ready to send them out. Perfectly sized for your prints, providing protection during postage, and able to be sent at the most cost effective rates



I'll share with you my promotional offer formula with all the steps in my personal sales funnel detailing what I sell, what my upsells are, and what my post-purchase email sequence looks like to help you create a promotional offer which will bring in customers and keep them coming back to buy your art again and again


Even if you're a complete novice this will be everything you need to get your artwork print-ready. Including a handy list of tips and templates for photoshop and free alternatives so you just need to drop your art in, save it and it'll be ready for the printer

Which package do you want?


$ 349
  • Works out to $7 per order
  • 40 Small Art Prints
  • 40 Large Art Prints
  • 25 Small envelopes & sleeves
  • 25 Large envelopes & sleeves
  • Promotional offer formula
  • Artwork templates
  • Artwork preparation guide

Emerging Artist

$ 1100
  • Works out to $4.40 per order
  • 200 Small Prints
  • 200 Large Prints
  • 125 Small Envelopes & sleeves
  • 125 Large Envelopes & sleeves
  • Promotional offer formula​
  • Artwork templates​
  • Artwork preparation guide

Professional Artist

$ 2400
  • Works out to $3 per order
  • 500 Small Art Prints
  • 500 Large Art Prints
  • 400 Small envelopes & sleeves
  • 400 Large envelopes & sleeves
  • Promotional offer formula​
  • Artwork templates​
  • Artwork preparation guide​

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Why is the number of prints different than the number of envelopes? Won’t I run out of packaging to send orders out?

A successful promotional offer assumes you’re upselling to your customers after they take the initial offer. In most cases this will involve selling multiple prints as a ‘collection’. Because of this you’ll be sending out more than one print in each envelope. All the details explaining how I structure offers is included in the bonus materials.

I don’t know anything about how to prepare artwork for printing, can you help?

A comprehensive guide and artwork templates are provided so all you need to do is drop your artwork in, save the file, and it will be ready for the printer.

I have artwork that’s square, or I want to offer larger prints. Can I still use this offer?

My recommendation is to offer prints in these specific sizes. The reason is that there’s lots of frames available for them, and they’re a perfect size to take advantage of the lowest postage costs to keep costs down. If you want to offer square artwork, we can accommodate that, but the size you provide the artwork will have to be 6×6 inches (12.5 x 12.5cm) for the small prints and 8×8 inches (21x21cm) for the large prints.

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