Everything you need to take your art from the canvas to your customer

Start posting your art to customers within 7 days. Without needing to know anything about printing, paper, packaging or postage.

I know the hardest thing about selling art, because I’ve been there. You’ve created beautiful pieces of work, you’ve got a website and socials to show it off, and you’re ready to get prints made…

… but then you find yourself lost.

It’s hard to get started printing and posting your art. There’s so many questions!

  • What size prints should I offer?
  • What’s the best paper stock?
  • Who is a reliable local printer?
  • What equipment does my printer need to ensure quality prints?
  • How should I package my orders?
  • Where do I get all my packing materials?

I know all about these questions because I struggled with them all myself at the start. In fact I went through a lot of different options and spent a lot of time and money experimenting until I found something that worked. And it not only worked, but it was affordable and meant that I could sell my art at a profit, my prints would be well protected on their journey to my customers, and they were always thrilled with the quality.

Here's what's available:

Self fulfilment

You send us your files, we send you the prints and all the packaging necessary to send them to your customers. You'll have everything you need to fulfil orders in the most cost effective way.

provider fulfilment

Ready to take the next step? Keen to expand into new markets? Link up with our network of global fulfilment parters and have them print, pack and post orders for you. Concentrate on making art and let us take care of everything else.

Print on demand

The ultimate service to sell your art globally. We've teamed up with a print on demand partner that can sell giclée prints of your artwork, framed or unframed, all across the world. And the best part? You don't even need shop functionality on your site. A store can be created for you for free which can set on any website you have. WordPress? Wix? Squarespace? Shopify? You can have a shop setup with all your products available for sale worldwide within minutes.

Sell your art today

We’re currently running an invite-only service with a group of initial artists to take part in this opportunity. If you’re interesting in joining, just enter your email address below and we’ll be in touch soon to provide further details.

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